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Treatment and medication

Although we utilize many medications when dealing with your animals illnesses, the most common ones are llisted below. Should we have used these medicatons or treatmets listed, your pet may behaive differently than before. These effects are usually short term but if unexpected may cause alarm. Follow the links to the appropriate medication or treatment to find what you may expect.


"...every animal deserves the best care possible...and we provide it"

Although we treat regular farm animals and house pets, we have successfully treated exotic animals and have treated a wild eagle as well.



image hereDVM Joe Lewis graduated from Veternarian school in 1853. Marcia (his wife) and Joe moved to Mountain View where they started the animal clinic. From a small building, they have expanded the practice to where they have two nice facilities, one in mountain View and one in the neighboring town of Willow Springs.

Several years ago, Joe and Marcia added a new Veternarian to the staff. DVM Mikael Orchard a long time resident of Mountain VIew and Recent graduate of SOMEWHERE joined the clinic team and heads up the Willow Springs office.

Both clinics use modern computers, diagnostic equipment and a well trained staff to provide state of the art care for your pets and animals.